Anchor Produce Market carries fresh
local fruits our vegetables and organic produce are delivered daily.

We also carry an assortmant of bread, rolls condiments, soda, ice cream, juices, bath and cleaning products, an assortmant of suntan lotion, newspapers, homemade salsa, delicious salads and a full line of the finest Boar's Head provisions in our deli department.

We travel far and wide to provide our customers with the freshest and finest available produce!
All your one stop shopping needs, and don't forget..

The Best Corn on the Island!

Do we carry Organic Food? Of course we do!

Has become very popular in many parts of the world. 
At Anchor Produce we try and answer the large demand for organic food because making a commitment to healthy eating is imporant to us. Is "organic" always best? What about locally grown foods?    These are some of the questions that we at Anchor Produce Market will be happy to answer. We restock fresh and organic groceries daily for your convenience, so come down to our store and check out our organic food section!

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